Expressing Thanks

On a friends facebook page, she posted a simple note stating that people don’t seem to say thank you enough. They don’t. She’s right. But her post has been overrun with people explaining why they don’t give thanks, some even going so far as to say she isn’t being sensitive enough to ‘issues’ people may have. It is unreal to to see people actually getting defensive about being reminded to say thank you. People are being actually being grouchy about gratitude.

Here’s a true story:

A month ago in Boston, a homeless man got on a bus and pulled out a hatchet and said he was going to harm himself. The bus driver got the attention of a police officer who boarded the bus and tried to get him to hand over the hatchet. The man mentioned he was a veteran, to which the police officer replied; “Thank you for your service.”

That’s it. Five words of gratitude. In response, the man put the hatchet down and was escorted out of the bus.
Saying “thanks” is not a competition. Reasons for not saying “thanks” is not a competition either. But if you are too goddamn busy or important or whatever to say “Thank you” to someone who has helped you or taught you or made your day brighter, you need to make time to determine why.

Life is short, don’t be an asshole.

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